In my art practice to date, site-responsive, process-based sculpture and installation projects have been a way to pay attention to the forces at play in the contexts I work within - whether the forces are natural, social, or organisational. Past projects have used critical frameworks to investigate the institutions my work is hosted by, such as a community hall re-purposed into an art gallery by a local council (The_Hall 2008). Mundane meeting points between the natural and built worlds in the urban ecology have been an ongoing area of observation, with recent projects reflecting on urban animal presences (Life Signs 2011) and city street tree planting schemes (The Lively Plane (continued) 2008-2009).

The processes of collaboration, participation and dialogue have strongly determined the shape of my practice, as well as my taking an active role in generating ways and means of making practice public. With peers I have initiated artist-run project spaces in Sydney (Blaugrau 2000/2001, Loose projects 2006/2007), coordinated exhibitions and publishing projects, published critical writings and blogs and created occasions for critical discussion and feedback for artists and audiences (The Free Association 2008/2009).

In 2010 I purposefully suspended my art practice for one year. By undertaking no projects I deliberately created a period of rest and renewal, conceiving of the year as a field left fallow and an opportunity to cultivate parallel life practices - including permaculture and meditation.